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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer for Georgetown in Barcelona: Art, History, Language, Politics.

Summer for Georgetown in Barcelona: Art, History, Language, Politics
Summer for Georgetown in Barcelona: Art, History, Language, Politics
Budget Item Summer or Spring Break Term
Program Fee (This item will appear on your Georgetown bill) *   $8,335.00
Education Abroad Insurance Fee (This item will appear on your Georgetown bill) *   $60.00
Billed by GU subtotal:  $8,395.00
Meals   $1,050.00
Personal Expenses   $360.00
Books & Supplies   $100.00
Local Transportation   $150.00
Round Trip Travel (DC to program site)   $1,500.00
Additional Program Costs (see notes)   $75.00
Estimated out-of-pocket subtotal:  $3,235.00
Total: $11,630.00
Budget Notes:
Georgetown University Study Abroad Program Budget (Summer 2019)

Explanation for Budget Items:

GU Program Fee: A comprehensive fee billed through the Office of Billing on the Georgetown student account.  The Program Fee includes tuition for Georgetown credits earned on the program, accommodations, daily breakfast, two group dinners, and program-related events and activities.  If you have further questions about what expenses are covered by the Program Fee, contact your OGE Advisor.

Education Abroad Insurance Fee: Mandatory health insurance provided by GU.

Meals: The number of meals provided to students varies greatly from program to program depending on the type of accommodation and length of program.  Please see the “Housing & Meals” section of your program’s brochure page, or contact your OGE Advisor for further details.

Personal Expenses: This budget item is meant to cover general expenses of daily life not included in your Program Fee. These include basic travel necessities, such as toiletries, snacks, cell phones, limited cultural activities, and other miscellaneous travel necessities. This estimate is based loosely on the length of the program and the general cost of living in the host city/country; it may vary greatly depending on individual students' budget and spending habits.

Local Transportation: The Program Fee includes all transportation costs associated with program activities, but students should budget for their own personal travel around their host city which can vary depending on transportation options and length of program.

Round Trip Travel (DC to program site): Estimated cost of round trip travel. Airfare and other travel costs may vary greatly depending on airline, route, season of travel, and time of purchase.

Additional Program Costs: Sim card/cell phone cost. This estimate is based on the cost to purchase either a sim card or cell phone in the host country. Prices vary from vendor to vendor.

Visa and Residency Costs for Non-US Citizens:
Please note: any visa and residency costs included in this program budget are based on the requirements for U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Requirements and costs for non-U.S. citizens may vary; if you are a non-U.S. citizen, it is your responsibility to inform yourself of any additional costs that may be associated with your visa requirements.

Billing and Financial Matters
Billing: All billable program expenses will be billed through Georgetown Student Accounts.  Summer study abroad fees are normally released in late April and are due in early to mid-May.

Financial Aid: Limited financial aid is available to students enrolling in summer study abroad programs. The application for summer financial aid is due in early April; because awards are made on a rolling basis until funds are depleted, early submission is strongly recommended. Students who apply for summer financial aid will be notified of their award by email on a rolling basis beginning in early May. The Office of Student Financial Services will use this budget sheet, including all items listed in the table above, to adjust financial aid packages of those students who qualify for additional financial aid.

Payment Plan: For information on payment plans, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Commitment and Withdrawal Policy: Upon nomination, your commitment to a study abroad program confirms your intention to participate.  If after the Commitment Deadline you decide to withdraw from your program, you will be charged a withdrawal fee of $300, in addition to all non-recoverable costs that have been paid on your behalf, as determined by the Office of Global Education.  These costs may constitute as much as twenty-five to one hundred percent of the program fee.

If upon your nomination to study abroad you have questions or concerns about your decision to participate in your program, please be sure to discuss the timeline and financial ramifications of that decision with your OGE advisor.  

Questions? Please speak to your OGE Advisor.

*Georgetown University reserves the right to adjust program fees. Estimated costs are subject to change.
Last Updated: 11/20/2018

* Billed by GU